Tefillin Gasos 40 mm Arizal-Chabad – Merkaz Stam 

What’s in the wrap? 

You may remember them from your Bar Mitzvah. Your husband or friend may have been invited to wrap them on a street corner in New York, Tokyo, Paris, or at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. 

What’s Tefillin all about? 

Kabbalah teaches us that our life is comprised of 3 parts - thought, speech and action. When in sync, we thrive. We can live a life of meaning. Of positivity. Of productivity. Of impact. 

Tefillin is placed on our head and on our hand, opposite our heart. Starting our day with spiritual mindfulness, channeling the energy of the Divine into everything we will think, speak and do that day.

Are you looking for a recipe for a successful & meaningful day? This is definitely the way to go.

By putting on Tefillin, we are connecting to the infinite, reminding ourselves to be a better person.  

 But we’re also doing a Mitzvah that our great-great-grandfathers did in exactly the same way. And when we do it, we’re increasing the chances that our great-great-grandchildren will want to do it too. Those straps don’t connect us just to G‑d; they connect us to your past, to your future, to our people.

 Take a tour on what Tefilin look like and how to put them on


Contact Rabbi Zalman Sandhaus at [email protected] to buy your own pair, or with help with a new commitment to begin donning Tefilin