FIVE practical reasons why you should donate to Pardess:

1. An Engine for Unity: 
At Pardess, a Jew is a Jew is a Jew. Period. It doesn't make a difference which social, religious or political environment you come from or are going. Everyone feels welcome and wanted, and walks away uplifted.

2. Skin In The Game: 
One of the things venture capitalists look for when choosing a company to invest in is whether the business owner has skin in the game.The Rabbi and his wife work tirelessly to make sure every Jew is reached.
Failure is simply not an option and we are here for life (G‑d willing).

3. Passion for Judaism: 
At Pardess every Mitzvah, every holiday, every tradition is embodied with love, passion and joy. Nothing is done by stride and everything is done with fervor. We are excited about what we do!

4. Maximized Return on Investment: 
An investment of Tzedaka/Charity in Pardess goes a long way
and will bring you a great return. We stretch every dollar to the max. We are not a corporation with lots of salaries to pay and tons of overhaul. Every dollar you give goes straight back to the many programs offered to our community.

5. Track Record of Success: 
In just two and a half years, we have been graced with G‑d’s blessings for success and have seen amazing results so far. We have become a full center for everything Jewish. Though we are happy, we are not satisfied and we will always strive for more. And that makes our success even greater. With your partnership and support, together we will go far.

Thank You!