We wanted to thank you and Goldy for a wonderful time celebrating Rosh Hashanah!   

Our favorite part was celebrating the New Year with kind and welcoming people!  We are thankful for the guilt free and compassionate environment you offer which enabled our family to pray and embrace our Jewish heritage.

-B. H.


I really enjoyed seeing so many people, young and old bonding together for the same purpose. It is amazing to see so many more people in this area from when you first came to the community. Also enjoyed dinner at your house, very relaxing and nice to get to know more. 

M. P.


I had a feeling that there was bigger crowd than you expected (I know we brought another family of 6 out of nowhere :) ), but yet there was enough space and food for everybody. Also there was outside space for younger children to run around.

Generally, I like a lot that you welcome everybody from different backgrounds without annual congregation/membership fee or required attendance quota; all that still bringing to Hudson Valley orthodox style Judaism.

 -G. T.


I have 2 favorite parts. The camaraderie of familiar faces and getting to know new people during dinner at your home. The other is the story telling (in English) during the services.

-Allen C


The part that I enjoyed most was the warmth that you and your family and the community share, and of course the singing, as singing tefillah is very joyful for me. Also the shared opportunity to have as many people as possible read and participate is very nice. 

A. Z. 


Thank you for such a wonderful meaningful Rosh Hashana!! We really appreciated your words, and a great group of people.  You and Goldy are amazing!



Thank you for the Aliyah, honors, and joy of being with your beautiful Jewish community,