Encounter: CRWN HGHTS An Immersive Shabbat Experience


How did a small neighborhood in Brooklyn have a profound influence on

the world? What's the secret of this neighborhood?


Producing thousands of world leaders Impacting millions of lives Across thousands of cities In 110 countries.


Chabad Young Professionals invites you to step behind the curtain for an unparalleled 

weekend of exclusive access into the heart of the Crown Heights Chabad community 

and the fascinating microcosm it contains.

Explore authentic ancient practices that haven't changed in thousands of years, 

and discover before-their-time business practices that disrupted global industries. 

Experience firsthand the intriguing blend of millennia-old and futuristic-new that put 

Chabad's network in an unmatchable league of its own and makes it epicenter 

unlike any place in the world.

Discover the eclectic culture, entrepreneurial spirit, permeating spirituality, and a

vibrant urban kosher foodie scene that attracts visitors from around the country.


March 1-3 Reserve your spot before it’s gone


Join us and get your tickets today

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Meet the people.  See the sites.  Taste the food.  Feel the energy. 


Looking forward to having you join us for this amazing weekend experience. 



Have a wonderful week!