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What people are saying

What people are saying



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"You and your wife have created an atmosphere of inclusiveness and well being that I haven't seen since I moved to this area over 20 years ago"
-Sherri B

"We had a great time at your house last Sunday.

Thank you so much for inviting us.

We loved the edible tora project and the breakfast in sukkah.

David can't wait until Sunday class with you :-) "



 "Rabbi, you didn't know me, you didn't know what my reaction would be. Yet you had the nerve to come and visit and ask me to put on Tefilin and do the prayer. Thank you very much! It really made me feel connected"



"Thank you very much for the Hanukkah menorah and candles. Forgotten how much I enjoyed it's light. All the best to you and yours :)"


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